It's Time for Your Comeback

By Tim Storey

Harrison House, 1998 | ISBN 1-57794-006-5

Reviewed by Merle Harton, Jr.

This is a terrific little inspirational book from the anointed pen of a man with a huge following among celebrities, media personalities, and internationals. It is a book with a remarkably diverse audience. Is it for the businessman? Yes. Is it a book for Christians? Yes. Is it a book for backsliding Christians? Certainly. Is it a book for someone in need of uplifting hope? Absolutely.

This is a book that brings to life many of the true-life inspirations found in the Old and New Testaments: Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Deborah and Barak, Gideon, Rahab, Elijah, Elisha, Jonah, Job, Mary, Peter, Stephen, Paul, Andrew, Timothy, little-knowns like Ananias—these all have a place in the story. So, too, do All-Star pitcher Dave Dravecky, boxing champions Evander Holyfield and George Foreman, Coach Vince Lombardi, Michael Jordan, Olympic runner Carl Lewis, double-amputee and athlete/model Aimee Mullins, Franklin Graham, Jim Bakker, and many names drawn from the shadows of daily life. Even Tim Storey himself figures in this powerful argument for boldness in Christian faith, for unyielding reliance on God's promises, and for overcoming life's setbacks with a God-designed strategy.

When God gives you a promise, argues Storey, he also gives you a plan, he reveals his purpose for you, and he makes provision for the successful realization of that purposeful plan. Drawing on Scripture, Biblical stories, and contemporary tales of outstanding courage and fulfillment, Storey lays out an intricate battle plan for overcoming obstacles and setbacks, for plotting one's comeback, and for bringing our personal expectations into the light.

Readers will find Storey's autobiographical reflections figuring large in this message of hope and renewal, but then his life is itself an excellent example of the book's central message. Christian Friends will especially enjoy the strength of Storey's resolve to live in the spirit and the fruits of that resolve.

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