More Than Equals: Spiritual Friendships

By Trish Roberts

Pendle Hill, 1999 | US ISSN 0031-4250

Reviewed by Merle Harton, Jr.

This is a short acclamation of special, meaningful relationships that foster accountability, the nurturing of faith, and edification. The author calls these relationships "spiritual friendships." They are meetings in confidence with someone for the sharing of one's faith life. Such friendships, when functioning well, provide support and encouragement, but they also enable the sharing of new truths and failures, discoveries and questions. This can be a safe harbor for theological discussions, for conversations about spiritual insights, and where a friend's presence can be the face of God for us.

Roberts brings to this little study a wealth of experience with spiritual friendships. Thus she can share with us why one would benefit form a friendship of this kind and how to make it a mutually rewarding relationship. Her experience also gives us insights into how it might serve as a vital link between meeting and witnessing, the potential difficulties one might encounter, and less tractable issues, such as gender differences in spiritual friendships.

Number 345 of Pendle Hill's new pamphlet series, this is a thoroughly likable program for encouragement in our spiritual walks. Roberts' work is especially useful for Friends in unprogrammed worship, where pastors and elders cannot stand in for mature partners in faith.

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